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Transfer Out of StateStudents at the Highline College Transfer Center

Tips for out-of-state transfer students

  1. Plan ahead: The process might take longer than it would for an in-state transfer.
  2. Deadlines: Like any other transfer process be sure to meet deadlines. Deadlines for application and transfer may differ.
  3. Finances and expenses: Be sure to plan for Financial Aid. Apply for other funding options such as out-of-state scholarships. Understand that you may be paying out-of-state tuition.
  4. State and regional college tuition discounts: Regional Reciprocity Agreements/Exchanges such as the Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) are programs that allow residents to attend a university in another state, without having to pay out-of-state tuition.
  5. Credits transfer: Out-of-state schools evaluate transcripts course by course. Talk to the registrar’s office of the college you wish to transfer to. This way you have some
  6. Visit the campus: Bring along your Highline College transcripts and/or any other college/high school transcripts you have.  If you can’t make it to the college campus, check out the campus via a virtual tour.
  7. Have a Plan B: Apply to multiple schools.

Highline’s Partnership with Arizona State University

Highline College has partnered with ASU to provide a seamless transfer

Highline students can start planning their transfer to Arizona State University with the Highline College MyPath2ASU™ transfer experience, where you can create a personalized course-by-course plan.

MyPath2ASU™ eliminates the guesswork and will help you select the right Highline classes for your ASU bachelor’s degree. Save time and money, and minimize loss of credit during your transfer journey with this set of customized tools to ensure a simple, seamless transition into one of the nation’s top 10 universities for undergraduate education.

Get started with MyPath2ASU™

How the Highline College  MyPath2ASU™ experience works

Build a transfer navigation plan by selecting an ASU major and Highline College. MyPath2ASU™ will outline a list of courses to take at your current institution that will apply toward your ASU bachelor’s degree, enabling you to track your academic progress.

Get started on creating your personalized course-by-course transfer plan. Follow these simple steps.

Create a MyPath2ASU

Choose from more than 400 on-campus and online pathways. MyPath2ASU™ helps you navigate what Highline classes to take for your ASU major.  

  • Pick your ASU major.
  • Sign up for MyPath2ASU™.
  • Track progress toward transfer.

Complete your MyPath

  • Apply to transfer to ASU.
  • Become a Sun Devil.

Finish your ASU degree

You’re one step closer to achieving your academic goals and well on your way to becoming a Sun Devil. Complete your MyPath2ASU™ and apply up to a year before transferring to ASU. If you have questions, please contact Career and Transfer Center.